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MoldSTAT Barrier and Plus kill bird flu
MoldSTAT Plus – Kills Bird Flu

With another round of Avian Flu / Bird Flu found in chickens, the question again flies our way about which virucidal kill claims are carried by the MoldSTAT products.... MoldSTAT Plus family of products are EPA registered to Kill Avian Influenza - aka Bird Flu.. Protect your family - use MoldSTAT Plus or MoldSTAT Barrier[..more..]

Flood Water Cleanup using MoldSTAT Plus

Natural-disaster-flood-mold Flood Water Clean Up Assistance - Flood Water Cleanup is the same no matter the source of the flood water. Remove the muck, dirt and filth, then actively use a bleach-free mold killer to prevent mold finally, use fans to dry out. Cleaner Today supplies the premium MoldSTAT Plus flood mold killer in sizes to fit any situation. The charitable arm, "Cleaner Today Cares" provides matching funds to expedite shipping to affected areas.