About Mold Cleaner Today

Mold Cleaner Today brings you two solutions to your black mold removal projects:
MoldSTAT Plus and MoldSTAT Barrier

Mold Cleaner Today has been designed and constructed solely for education and reviews about the challenges of black mold removal.  We have years of experience in killing mold and helping home owners and mold remediation specialists turn out of control mold back under control.

From a technology standpoint our CleanerToday Fast Shop Stores are optimized for mobile and tablets, making the checkout process simple.

While you can find a larger variety of Mold Removal Products including contractor ModlSTAT Peroxy Kling and ModlSTAT Aireze at our main store, we keep our focus very narrow… Just Concentrated MoldSTAT Plus Quart and MoldSTAT Barrier one step Mold Cleaner, Killer and Preventer.

This laser focus allows us to do offer some of the best prices you can find. AND because we only sell Roof OX and Roof Armor, our shipping rates are ALWAYS FREE!

We appreciate your patronage and look forward to serving you. Follow us on Google+

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