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What are the black streaks on my shingles?
Why do roof stains form on the north side of my house?
Can I stop the stains from coming back?

You can ask questions in the comments and we will get you answers.
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New England Mold Remediation Resources

Different states devote differing levels of resources to providing mold information to the citizens of their respective states. All reasonable attempts were made to locate state-specific resources sponsored by the respective state governments. We hope that our customers in the New England* Division find these resources useful and that when they find themselves in need of mold cleanup assistance that they will remember us here at

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Do I Need A Mold Remediation Contractor?

That is a logical conclusion, but unless you live in one of five states (Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, New York, Texas) there are NO state testing or licensing requirements for mold remediation. In effect that means that anyone with a mop and bottle of bleach can call themselves a mold remediation company and charge you potentially considerable amounts of cash for their supposedly professional services.

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Ask Us!

Years of experience in mold removal and remediation available to help with DIY projects or determine when to hire a Professional Mold.
Don’t worry about asking questions, as mold removers we have probably answered most every question about mold removal many times over.
But sometimes its just easier to ask a question in your own words.

So ask us, we’ll dig through 10 years of experience and find the answers you need to get on your way to having less mold in your life.

You have come to the right place.

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