MoldStat Plus Eliminates Crawl Space Mold

I’m contacting you about the MoldSTAT Plus that I recently used in my crawl space under my house. At first, when I sprayed it on the sub-floor and joists, I did not see any immediate change. Three days later I had a mold removal company come out to provide me an estimate on how much it would cost to have it professionally removed. As I crawled under the house to show him the mold that was there 3 days prior, much to my delight it was gone!

Simple Steps to Remove Mold

Mold grows by sending out spores as well as by rooting itself to the surface it is growing on. While the above process will have removed the spores and surface material we still need to kill those mold roots to keep the mold from returning. MoldStat Plus is excellent for this purpose and if you haven’t already used it for the initial cleaning, now is the time to measure and dilute the super-concentrate to the working solution strength. A little bit of this product goes a long way. Thoroughly soak the surface where the mold was located and allow the product to dry naturally over a few hours. The MoldStat Plus will sink into the material, reaching and killing the mold roots that may yet remain. Remember that MoldStat Plus contains no bleach or bleaching agents so it won’t remove mold stains or residue, unless you scrub it, but it will kill mold of any type on contact. Once the cleaned area has dried you are done with the cleanup of your mold issue. However, there are two additional steps you might choose to take depending on your situation.

East North Central Division Mold Remediation Resources

In this, the third of an ongoing series, post, the staff at presents state-level specific resources for mold prevention and cleanup. Each of the following links are directed to state government portals that may themselves contain additional links to information outside of the state systems, but each of those sources of additional information will have been approved by the state in question as valid, reputable, and reliable. Different states devote differing levels of resources to providing mold information to the citizens of their respective states.

New England Mold Remediation Resources

Different states devote differing levels of resources to providing mold information to the citizens of their respective states. All reasonable attempts were made to locate state-specific resources sponsored by the respective state governments. We hope that our customers in the New England* Division find these resources useful and that when they find themselves in need of mold cleanup assistance that they will remember us here at

Do I Need A Mold Remediation Contractor?

That is a logical conclusion, but unless you live in one of five states (Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, New York, Texas) there are NO state testing or licensing requirements for mold remediation. In effect that means that anyone with a mop and bottle of bleach can call themselves a mold remediation company and charge you potentially considerable amounts of cash for their supposedly professional services.

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