Using MoldStat to Clean Mildewed Clothing

The answer to Deanna’s question is yes, you can use MoldStat products, specifically MoldStat Plus, in the washing machine, or in handwashing if you prefer, to destroy the presence of, and the odor generated by, mold on clothing. The only restriction on this use of MoldStat Plus is that the fabric to be cleaned MUST be water washable. If the care instructions indicate that the fabric must be dry cleaned, then you should not wash the garment in water with MoldStat; instead you should consult your dry cleaner about cleaning options.

Using MoldStat to Clean Mold on a Wide Variety of Surfaces

MoldStat Plus is sold as a concentrate that the customer must dilute with water to create the solution strength to clean items. The bulk of any such solution will be water so the item to be cleaned must be able to withstand contact with water. It isn’t necessary to soak items in a MoldStat solution to clean the mold, so you could use just a light wiping with a heavily wrung out cloth or sponge to clean many items.