Mold Killer – MoldSTAT Step 2 / PLUS

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  • Effective: EPA Registered Mold Killer
  • Easy To Use: Mix with water
  • Full Coverage: 4000 Sq Ft | makes 42 Gallons

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Mold Killing Concentrate

Get rid of Black Mold in 10 minutes

MoldSTAT Plus concentrate, kills mold and fungi. EPA Registered and proven!

  • EPA Registered: Trusted & Proven Results
  • Mold Killer Spray: Just add water to the concentrate
  • 4000 sq ft Coverage | Makes 42 gallons.
  • Shelf Life: 15 month shelf life


Bleach Free Mold Killer

Forget about bleach and the damage it causes to surfaces and colors. MoldSTAT Plus contains no bleach, and won’t harm colors.

Proven Results – Easy to Use

Soak surface to be treated with MoldSTAT plus mold killing spray, wait 10 minutes, then optionally wipe away the dead mold debris.

Weight 2.45 lbs
What's Included?

32 oz of MoldSTAT STEP 2 (formerly called Plus ) concentrate makes 42 gallons of mold killer spray, 4000 sq feet coverage, Once opened keeps for 15 months


Ships FREE to any postal address in the US., Need it fast? $4 more upgrades to Priority Mail 2-3 day delivery!

Easy to use

Spray on – walk away, No rinsing required, Use annually


  1. Steve S

    After the storms, we had no power for a week, and the natural leaks in our basement meant that the water crept in, and no sump-pump to push it back out. I knew mold was going to be a problem, so I ordered the concentrated moldstat plus (on my iphone). The mold killer arrived before the power came back on, and I was able to mix the solution in some of the standing water. Amazing… it worked!

  2. Rhonda D

    There was a musky smell in the crawl space. After a mold remover quoted $2,500 to remove the mold, I had to find another alternative. After looking at the reviews here and on google shopping moldstat plus seemed to be worth a shot. I used it 3 months ago and the smell is gone… for under $40…. I guess I saved $2,450

  3. R Palma

    I have mold inside walls of one bedroom due to leak in roof. Looking for a product to kill all mold once walls are taken apart

    • Resident Guru

      You’ve found the right product. EPA Registration provides the Laboratory proof of a positive mold kill.
      Mold STAT plus is used by mold remediation professionals to kill mold cold. Especially useful on structural members ( 2×4, 2×6 2×10 etc ) that are not practical to remove.
      Just mix 3/4 oz to 1 gallon of water and apply…Kills Mold with a 10 Minute soak.

  4. Jacob G

    It works. Rehabing an old house that still had occasional black mold! Tried cleaning with bleach and other mold cleaners, but they never seem to work or last. A few sprays of this MoldSTAT killed the mold!
    Even worked on worst places in joists in the basement ceiling.
    The smell isn’t bad like bleach, but still ventilate the area well – open windows use fans.

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