Mold Removal – Easy as 1, 2, 3

moldstat commercial mold removal

Concentrated Mold Removal 1-2-3. Mold Removal just got easier and more eco-sensible. Cleaner Today squeezed waste out of the moldstat line with the introduction of MoldSTAT Commercial concentrates.

Kill Attic Mold with EPA Mold Killer

roofing nail led to attic mold

Simple steps to battle attic mold infestations. Whether caused by attic leaks, shingle failure, or exhaust fan condensation, following a few simple steps can get the mold infestation under control.

MoldStat Plus Eliminates Crawl Space Mold

I’m contacting you about the MoldSTAT Plus that I recently used in my crawl space under my house. At first, when I sprayed it on the sub-floor and joists, I did not see any immediate change. Three days later I had a mold removal company come out to provide me an estimate on how much it would cost to have it professionally removed. As I crawled under the house to show him the mold that was there 3 days prior, much to my delight it was gone!