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As you have probably determined, it is a challenge to get rid of mold anywhere. The obstacles are even greater when you are removing crawl space mold vs basement mold, or dealing with mold in a window unit airconditioner vs the coils of a central AC.

We’ll help with project tips, and some quick project guides.

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MoldStat Plus Eliminates Crawl Space Mold

I’m contacting you about the MoldSTAT Plus that I recently used in my crawl space under my house. At first, when I sprayed it on the sub-floor and joists, I did not see any immediate change. Three days later I had a mold removal company come out to provide me an estimate on how much it would cost to have it professionally removed. As I crawled under the house to show him the mold that was there 3 days prior, much to my delight it was gone!

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