Flood Water Clean Up Assistance

Storm Flood vs Utility Flood

Unfortunately Flood Water Clean Up is time consuming and emotionally draining.   After filing a claim with your home insurance it may take days or weeks for a claims adjuster to assess the damage, and even longer to be reimbursed.   Much of this depends on the source of the flood waters.  Water heater failure, washing machine leaks or burst water lines tend to be isolated incidents which means a much faster response from Flood Remediation Companies and your insurance company.

However Flash Floods resulting from levy breaks, extreme rainfall or stream and river floods tend to affect entire neighborhoods, as well as public utilities.  In some cases the storm causing the high waters may have been half a country away.  In Storm related floods, assistance and first responders become stretched thin, and you may need to take basic steps to slow the growth of Mold and Mildew while waiting for professional help.


Mold Prevention Measures

Surely removing mud, muck and sometimes waste water remnants come first in the list of cleanup.   But very quickly, the high moisture levels can lead to uncontrolled mold growth.  To proactively prevent mold, or to respond to obvious mold growth, use a non-bleach mold killer like MoldSTAT Plus.   MoldSTAT+ is highly concentrated and when added to any water source at the proper ratio ( 3/4oz to 1 gallon ) will kill mold within 10 minute of contact.  Some areas, such as crawl spaces and basement may need to be soaked in Mold Stat plus every 7 days until professional assistance arrives.


Quick Response — reduced recovery time

The fast a  mold remediation product can be applied to water soaked surfaces, the sooner life can get back to normal.Natural-disaster-flood-mold

To help, Cleaner Today monitors River Flooding , as well as Tropical Storm and Hurricane related Storm Surges.  When active natural disasters have occurred we will offer priority handling of orders to the affected areas.

Located in a current Natural Disaster Priority Handling Area ?

Cleaner Today will ensure that your orders are filled ahead of non-disaster areas.  Also when available we will match 100% of Cleaner Today Cares Fund donations to upgrade Shipping to a faster form of delivery.


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