Killing Mold on a Partly Inaccessible Wall

Killing Mold on a Partly Inaccessible Wall

Here at we have a committed focus on customer service and assistance. We dedicate many hours each day to helping customers understand how best to use our products and how to select which products will best fit their needs. Occasionally we will post these questions, and our answers to them, to help assist others who may be confronted with these relatively common situations.

We received the following inquiry from Tony, a construction contractor, via email:

“Just need a couple questions about this mold killing product answered before purchase. We have a wall that we don’t have complete access to but we can spray it. Does the area need to be wiped down and does this product need to be wiped off in order to be effective? Please advise as soon as you can, we are needing to get this taken care of as soon as possible.”

A Common Situation

Mold on Wallboard
Mold on Wallboard

The situation Tony was confronting is not at all unusual when dealing with mold problems. Mold can grow easily on most any wall board surface because the calcium sulfate dihydrate, gypsum, it contains, serves as a food source. If moisture is present on wall board, then mold is a very likely problem because mold spores are in the air in practically every environment outside of very tightly controlled cleanroom environments just not found in homes. The affected walls are not always going to be readily accessible and a solution that doesn’t rely on physical agitation to be effective is critical.

Fortunately for Tony, and for anyone else confronting a similar situation, MoldStat Plus DOES NOT REQUIRE wiping or other physical agitation to be 100% effective at killing mold on wall board or other surfaces!

How To Kill Mold with MoldStat Plus

To kill mold in this type of situation, simply mix and dilute the MoldStat Plus concentrate as directed on the container. Then spray the solution on the mold affected area until it in completely soaked through the surface of the mold to the wall board underneath so that the mold root structures will be in contact with the MoldStat Plus solution. Once completely soaked, let it stand for 10 minutes to ensure a complete kill. If the area is extremely hot and the soaked area begins to dry out before the 10 minutes elapses, be sure to re-spray with the diluted MoldStat Plus solution to ensure that the affected area stays wet for the entire kill period.

After 10 minutes of contact the mold will be dead and further action is not required. It is important to remember that MoldStat Plus does not contain any bleach, making it safe for a wide variety of surfaces, including non-colorfast fabrics, where bleach cannot be safely used. However, the absence of bleach also means that discoloration associated with mold will not be removed unless the now dead mold is physically removed as well. If the area is not visible and the only concern is that the mold be killed, as was the case in Tony’s situation, then physical wiping is not required.

Mold Killer MoldSTAT Plus Quart
Mold Killer MoldSTAT Plus Quart

Prevention with MoldStat Barrier

To help prevent the return of the mold, it is essential to eliminate the source of the moisture. Without moisture mold simply cannot grow. Once the moisture was controlled and the initial mold infestation killed through the use of MoldStat Plus, Tony could have chosen to further apply MoldStat Barrier, a product which will help prevent the return of mold by creating an invisible chemical layer of protection on the treated surface. One application of MoldStat Barrier will remain effective at preventing mold reoccurrence in a location that is protected from moisture, wind, and sunlight, such as would be the case on an interior wall surface that is partly inaccessible as Tony indicated. MoldStat Barrier is another simple to use spray and forget it solution to mold problems.

MoldSTAT Barrier Clean, Kill and Prevent
Prevent Mold with Barrier

We Are Here to Help You Kill Mold is happy to help you determine which products and methods are appropriate in your particular mold remediation situation. And remember, while we are happy to help you resolve your mold problem on a do-it-yourself basis, we are also an honest enough company to tell you if the situation you are describing is one that we honestly feel is beyond the reasonable ability of a consumer to solve, in which case we would recommend you find a local professional mold remediation company, which itself might use MoldStat Plus.

A Cautionary Tale

We cannot refer a customer to any specific mold remediation company or service but we would recommend that a potential customer start by checking to see whether their State has a licensing or other regulatory agency that monitors mold remediation contractors. To the best of our knowledge as of June 2015, only the States of New York, Florida, Texas, Louisiana and Maryland, require the licensure of mold remediation companies, but we encourage everyone, including those in the above states, to check with their State’s Environmental Health and Safety Department or Agency.

These agencies will often have different names depending upon the State but a search of the main state web portal will often reveal the information you are looking for. For example, in Georgia, indoor air quality, a measure that commonly includes indoor mold issues, is addressed by the Georgia Department of Public Health. In Texas, it is the Department of State Health Services, and they have a locator service to identify state licensed mold remediation professionals. Again, this will vary from state to state.mold-scam

Unfortunately, as is true with any service or profession, there is the occasional bad actor and it always pays to be as confident as possible in your choice of service provider, especially in mold remediation where services can quickly become potentially devastatingly expensive. Remember that indoor mold testing, outside of healthcare or very sensitive areas, is almost never helpful as mold is ubiquitous in the environment, indoors and out. A mold remediation company is financially incented to find a mold problem in your home and to recommend solutions they can provide. Always be careful in your decision making, seek a second, or more, opinion and quote for services before deciding on a course of mold remediation action.

No False Expectations!

While we are always happy to make a sale of a MoldStat product we never set expectations that are unlikely to be met, helping to ensure and establish trust with our customers, many of whom return to us again and again when they are confronting a situation with which we are likely to be able to help. We hope to be able to help you as well in the near future, helping you to ensure a cleaner today and a better tomorrow through effective and environmentally responsible products, packaging, and shipping practices.



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