New England Mold Remediation Resources

In this, the first of an ongoing series, post, the staff at presents state-level specific resources for mold prevention and cleanup. Each of the following links are directed to state government portals that may themselves contain additional links to information outside of the state systems, but each of those sources of additional information will have been approved by the state in question as valid, reputable, and reliable. Different states devote differing levels of resources to providing mold information to the citizens of their respective states. All reasonable attempts were made to locate state-specific resources sponsored by the respective state governments. We hope that our customers in the New England* Division find these resources useful and that when they find themselves in need of mold cleanup assistance that they will remember us here at

New England Division
New England Division


Get The Mold Out: Mold Clean-Up Guidance for Residences

Environmental and Occupational Health Assessment: Mold


Report of the Mold in Maine Buildings Task Force Including Recommendations Regarding Mold and Moisture in Maine Buildings

Mold Fact Sheet

Healthy Homes


Guidance Concerning Remediation and Prevention of Mold Growth and Water Damage in Public Schools/Buildings to Maintain Air Quality

New Hampshire

Mold in the Home: Health Concerns

Indoor Air Quality Program

Mold in Your Home? Protect Your Health and Investment


Rhode Island

Some Facts About Mold

Mold Health Risks


Mold and Air Quality

Health Department Offers Help for Mold Cleanup


*Please note that the division names and states located in such divisions are as determined by the United States Census Bureau and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff at CleanerToday.comusmap

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